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                AG8(簡稱時←代基金會),是中國地產企業最早成立的慈善¤機構之一,由岑釗雄先生及李一萍女士於2003年發起並▆成立。時代基金會以“讓更多■人有能力選擇自己的人生”為使命,聚焦教育、藝術、醫療及扶貧救災四大領域。至今,時代基∴金會累計捐助款項超8億元人民幣,參與舉辦公◆益活動超800項,累計直接█受惠者超50萬人次。在民政廳組織的全」省社會組織等級評審中,被評為5A級社ω 會組織。





                Founded by Mr. Shum Chiu Hung and Ms. Li Yiping, Guangdong Times Foundation (Times Foundation) is one of the earliest charity organizations established by a Chinese real estate enterprise. Adhering to the mission of “let more people have the ability of achieving the lifestyle they are longing for”, Times Foundation is committed itself to four major fields of education, art, healthcare, poverty alleviation and disaster relief. So far, Times Foundation has accumulatively contributed more than RMB 800 million in donations and participated in more than 800 charitable activities. The cumulative number of direct beneficiaries exceeded 500,000. Times Foundation received a 5A rating from Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province.

                Times Foundation always spent a great effect to support the education. In the last 15 years, it has built 13 hope elementary schools in underdeveloped areas, set up scholarships and awards in universities, high schools and elementary schools, and supported schools on capital constructions and upgrading re-constructions etc.

                Since 2003, the Times Foundation has funded the establishment of the Non-profit Public Welfare Art Museum, Guangdong Times Museum, and opened to the public in 2010. Through continuous exhibitions and activities such as public education, publication and knowledge production, as well as setting up special funds, the Foundation aims at inheriting and spreading traditional culture and creating more opportunities for contemporary artists. Times Foundation has so far donated RMB 300 Million to support art and culture.

                In the field of medical and health care, the Times Foundation has, with great love, made reciprocating contributions to society, supporting the development of scientific research projects for medical and health care that are conducive to the cause of universal human health. To date, the Foundation has built hospitals, supported medical and health care projects, provided surgical treatment for cataract patients, and set up a charity relief fund to help ailing women and children, accumulatively donated close to RMB 100 Million.

                The Foundation has made all-out effort in poverty alleviation, to help poverty-stricken areas in Qingyuan, Zhongshan, Zengcheng, Meizhou, and Raoping of Guangdong Province to get out of poverty. For 8 consecutive years the Foundation has given support to the activities of the Guangdong 630 Poverty Alleviation Day. It has also donated money to build Times New Homes for Farmers. In addition, it has actively participated in disaster relief, such as the post-earthquake reconstruction of Wenchuan in Sichuan Province.